Speciality Centre

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Our professional experts have the highest qualifications in Spain.
Making a difference with unsurpassed quality work.


At DB Maxilodental we have the best implants on the market and with the best qualified staff in the entire region of Extremadura.

Implant prostheses

We have all types of implant prostheses to ensure that the treatment you receive is  exactly what you need.



We are leaders in the Extremadura market and are at the forefront as regards dental aesthetics, fixed, removable or invisible orthodontics.


The staff of DB Maxilodental are experts in the treatment of gum and bone diseases. Visit us to cure your dental condition.

General Dentistry

Our team of professionals is highly qualified for the diagnosis and treatment of basic oral health problems


Cosmetic Surgery

At DB Maxilodental we have the best surgeons in the region. We address any dentofacial deformity and disease .

Orthognathic Surgery

We specialise in the correction of facial symmetry and use the latest technology in our treatments.

Facial Surgery

We are pioneers in treatments entailing facial surgery. We have the most highly qualified surgeons in Extremadura.

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